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Experts in Mechanical Engineering, experience since 1968

Our Skills, Your Solutions



Design Office

Our more than 50 design engineers offer a speedy service, from design concept, through management, to machine commissioning. All our designs are in-house, using our own real technical expertise, acquired by our team through training and experience over the years.

  • mechanical design of machines and devices
  • mechanical engineering
  • designs of pneumatics and hydraulics diagrams
  • designing electrical diagrams
  • robotization and automation of workplaces

Mechanical Engineering

We build industrial, production, specialised and prototype machines. We create machines from A to Z, starting with the feasibility study and ending with the installation.

  • production of industrial machines, assembly lines, robotic stations
  • industrial automation
  • PLC, HMI, Scada programming
  • pneumatics and hydraulics
  • production of advanced vision and industrial systems
  • automatic control systems

Electrical Engineering

We offer extensive possibilities in electrical projects management. We create electrical diagrams with full process automation, including generation of diagrams and reports, improving the modernization or construction of machines and devices.

  • construction of electrical cabinets and switchboards
  • wiring and start-up of devices
  • control system design
  • construction and calculation of safety systems
  • electrical diagrams of machines and devices