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Experts in Mechanical Engineering, experience since 1968

Our Skills, Your Solutions

Electrical cabinets and switchboards

We design and manufacture control and power cabinets.

Projects are implemented with Eplan Electric P8 software, in accordance with the client's requirements and based on their documentation and specifications. The use of Eplan software allows us to generate detailed reports and lists from the cabling diagrams.

Our cabinets are made in accordance with good engineering practice, using subassemblies and components of the highest quality standards. The marking system used allows you to read the diagrams clearly and facilitates assembly work on cabling and commissioning of the cabinet and installation. It also facilitates maintenance work in the future.

Each of our products has a declaration of conformity in accordance with the guidelines of the New Approach Directives, which means the machine or installation can be labelled with the CE conformity label.  


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