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Experts in Mechanical Engineering, experience since 1968

Our Skills, Your Solutions

Design office

With over 40 years of experience in mechanical design, our team can meet the requirements of every client. More than 60 design engineers offer an efficient service, from concept design through to management and commissioning of the machine. We create 3D projects, 2D drawings, technical drawings, documentation with a specific recipient in mind and with a focus on their specific activity.

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The main services of design offices:

There is no place for improvisation in the process of creating mechanical designs, especially when the decision is to invest in a new production line. Therefore, to provide our clients with services at the highest level, we take into account all realistic goals and the final effects and potential profits related to the project and its implementation.

We use cutting edge software for the design and simulation of machine structures and entire production lines. We prepare documentation based on applicable standards and requirements. We have over 50 licenses at our disposal, including:



In our business model, confidentiality and corporate data protection are a key aspect of customer relations.