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Experts in Mechanical Engineering, experience since 1968

Our Skills, Your Solutions

What we specialize in

We specialize in mechanical engineering, design and construction of machines, automation and robotization of workstations, installation and adaptation of production lines or new tools, regulation and modification of machines, and innovative mechanics. We offer complete solutions in the field of instrumentation, prototypes, special machines, and robotics. As experts, we also advise clients in the initial design phase, production analysis and cost estimation. In addition, we work with PLC programmers, engineers responsible for technical support, and students from technical universities seeking to expand their knowledge. 


Mechanical engineering

Our team of over 50 engineers work on mechanical design studies. We create 3D projects, 2D drawings, technical drawings, and documentation that fulfils specific customer needs and meets outstanding standards.

Automation of machines and workplaces

Plant automation increases productivity, standardizes the offer, shortens production cycles and adapts to the constantly growing number of standards and guidelines. This allows your offer to be competitive in this era of globalization.

Robotics and artificial systems

Robotization is a step into the future and an innovative approach to technological processes, often with no human participation. The automation of repetitive operations, elimination of errors and higher productivity are just a few of the benefits of implementing robots. This means that employees can take on more ambitious tasks. 

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Prototype machines

We specialize in designing and building prototypes of industrial machines.  Our extensive experience and well-established technical knowledge, as well as our creativity and flexibility, mean we can satisfy even the most unconventional customer requirements. 

Programming SCADA, PLC

Each technological process requires supervision and data acquisition. Scada's master IT system supervises PLCs and modules in real time, processing and displaying data on the screen. This enables operators to visualize the industrial process. 

Modification and adaptation of machines

Maintenance, modification, and adaptation of the machine extend its useful life, streamlining production and increasing profitability.


Research and development are a priority for us, and many of our assignments form the basis of international patents submitted by clients. Our engineering and design office benefits from the Tax Loan for Development and Innovation. 

Standard studies

We research calculations and simulations for each project, including durability tests, safety analyses, risk analyses, machine stoppages, efficiency, and cycle time measurements. 

Electrical engineering

We offer extensive possibilities for managing electrical projects. We create electrical diagrams with full process automation, including generation of diagrams and reports improving the modernization or construction project of machines and tools.