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Experts in Mechanical Engineering, experience since 1968

Our Skills, Your Solutions

Mechanical engineering

We build industrial, production, specialised and prototyping machines. We create machines from scratch to the finished product, starting from the initial design and ending with the installation. Working in a wide range of industries, we offer global and competitive proposals for automation, installation, or adaptation of production lines. As a result, our customers increase production efficiency whilst maintaining high product quality.

Main activities:


The construction of a new machine or its modernization always begins with customer giving us the specifications and requirements of the project / process, on the basis of which, the analysis, feasibility study, preliminary cost estimate and work schedule forecast are created. After its approval, we proceed to the preliminary design. Working closely with our clients, we systematically obtain approval before proceeding to the next stage of activities. After ordering the elements for the production and delivery of the required machine parts, we proceed to assembly in our workshop. When the machine is ready, we do qualitative and quantitative tests, in which customers often participate in determining the final corrections. The finished machine is delivered to the customer, where it is set up and finally approved. All our machines are covered by the warranty program, full advisory support, and post-warranty service.


Machine design

Main frame construction

Assembly of working parts of mechanical and pneumatic systems

Wiring and installation

Installation, testing and calibration

Warranty and post-warranty service