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Last year, the Volkswagen and Ford companies announced extensive cooperation, assuming cooperation in the areas of electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles, as well as cooperation in the development of autonomous systems.

The currently signed contracts between Ford and Volkswagen are an important milestone in the cooperation of these concerns. They form the basis of three vehicle designs from Ford and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) and will cover volumes of up to 8 million vehicles over the entire lifecycle of these vehicles. In addition to the already established cooperation within the medium-sized pickup, projects are also underway for the city delivery vehicle and the Transporter in the segment up to 1 ton of payload.

Thomas Sedran, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Brand President: “The strategic partnership with Ford is an important part of our GRIP 2025+ strategy for the future and therefore part of the transformation that the Brand is in. The cooperation strengthens our strong position in the area of ​​light commercial vehicles in the coming years, especially in European sales markets. The partnership with Ford is a long-term one, and now the signed contracts confirm that we are successfully implementing our plan step by step. "

Author and photo: Volkswagen Poznań